Character Development: Leon

The main character in my contemporary fictional novel, ‘A Year of the Teacher’, Tony Stephens, became friends with, or had been friends with many “interesting” people.
One of these friends was, Leon Branson. Tony and Leon had grown up and gone to school together. Like may good friends, they had a common interest, and something in which each of them had achieved success: sports. Specifically, they were both quite good playing football. Because of his size, Leon was offered college scholarships.

As with many friendships, Tony and Leon’s extended beyond the playing field. It was of no consequence whatsoever to Tony’s family that Leon was black. He spent a lot of time at Tony’s house for meals and other family get-togethers. Leon is completely lovable and is big-hearted and caring.

After graduating high school, Tony attends a college that is some distance, although drivable, from his home town. Leon accepts a scholarship to play football, but quickly finds out that college is not for him. He accepts a job working in a factory located in their town.

Tony and Leon reconnect after Tony graduates from college, but has to go home and work in the same factory as Leon.

They work together for the summer and stay in touch helping and supporting each other after Tony accepts a teaching job relatively close to where he attended college.

Their mutual support is incredibly strong base on the traumatic events, particularly Tony’s, through which they help each other.

As always, everyone has a wonderful week.