Everything Crashes Down

The main character for my contemporary fictional novel, ‘A Year Of The Teacher’, has been introduced. Tony Stephens is an honest, decent person who is capable of making mistakes. He, at times, has difficulty controlling his emotions, yet learns from his errors.
What I’d like to address today concerns the ending of my book. For those of you who’ve already read it, you’ll understand. For those who are currently reading it, or are going to read it, I’ll not give any spoilers. However, if you’ve looked at the blurb for my book it states, “Just when everything seems to be going so well for Tony, it all starts crashing down”.
Since my book has been released, and as I’m editing the sequel to it, I’ve thought about things that have happened to people in the small community in which I grew up, and the small community where I worked. The things that happened to Tony, even though they were devastating, were fictional. Those that happened to the people in my communities were real. My book is fiction, but if anyone thinks tragedies like what Tony went through could never really happen, are totally mistaken. The struggles continue for the people affected by these real tragedies. They all have strength, and are dealing with those struggles. In, ‘A Year Of The Teacher’, so does Tony.
It may seem odd that I focused on the “crashing down” part of the book in this blog, but I felt it needed to be addressed.
In forthcoming blogs, Tony’s coaching, teaching, and musical experiences will be spotlighted.
Hope everyone has an awesome week!