Fiction and Nonfiction

I have been fortunate in my writing to have had published a nonfiction book, and a fictional novel. The similarities between writing the two, very simply, is that it takes time, planning, patience, and thinking. After that, the differences are more numerous.

My nonfiction book was difficult to write in that it dealt with the loss of my step-daughter during transplant surgery. It explained the diagnosis, treatment, and surgeries in dealing with cancer. After the cancer was gone, the continuing treatments, and the unbearable wait for a donor organ were addressed. As for the content, one of the difficulties was to make sure to express the complexities of everything involved without getting bogged down in too much medical terminology.

The fictional novel was fun to write. After coming up with the idea for the story, the characters created had to fit perfectly with the story. Each character had to be loved and cherished. Every place and event had to provide the opportunity for the reader to realize them with the appropriate senses.

In the nonfiction book all the people, places, and events were real, and had been experienced. It was, therefore, easy to describe them.

In the fictional novel, none of the characters, places, or events were real. It was easy to describe, though, when all the characters were loved and cherished, and all the places and events occupied by the characters then became real.

Many blessings!