Introducing Billy

In a previous blog I explained how the main character in my fictional novel, “A Year Of The Teacher”, Tony Stephens, became involved with a rock band. When he attended the first rehearsal for the band, he felt a little overwhelmed by the sheer talent of its members. Tony does settle in and becomes more comfortable knowing what his role in the band will be. The potential of the band is unbelievable! This was explained to him before the first rehearsal by his very close friend, Billy Davis. Billy and Tony had played in bands during the time Tony was in college. Billy had put this band together, and had invited Tony to join it.

To say Billy was charismatic would be an understatement. He was the spokesman for the band, and its unofficial leader. It seemed as if Billy knew people everywhere. He loved to party, and he loved the ladies. If there was a down side to him it would be his self-centered side. Usually, though, his charm and out going personality would take over. Musically, Billy was super talented, not only as a musician, but also as an arranger. He had a tremendous musical sense.

I will include more information about Billy, and his influence for the story in future blogs.

In concluding this blog, I would like to express something heartfelt, and personal. February 18th marked seven years since the loss of our daughter, Chelsea. She was very intelligent. Chelsea loved to read, and she loved music, especially singing. We miss her, and love her every day.

It is my hope that everyone has a beautiful rest of the week, and weekend!