Introducing Old Charlie

There are many interesting characters in my fictional novel, “A Year Of The Teacher”. When the main character, Tony Stephens, moves to Flag Station where he gained employment as a teacher, he rents a house from Charlie Blaney. Old Charlie is certainly an interesting character. He is an older man who’s lived in Flag Station for a long time. He is lovable and funny. Tony becomes close with Old Charlie. Although not book smart, or grammatically correct, Charlie offers so much common knowledge and common sense, and Tony certainly takes it to heart.

The following is an excerpt from my book. In it,

Charlie explains about good “stuff”, and bad.

“Ya heard the sayin’ ‘bout takin’ the good with the bad? What I do is that I just consider the good stuff, an’ I put the bad stuff on the shelf. Then after I sort through all the good stuff, I turn an’ get ready to check out the bad stuff, an’ I find out generally the shelves is bare.”

There will be future blogs in which Old Charlie plays a part.

Have a great weekend, everyone!