It Reminds Me

When I wrote my book, ‘A Year Of The Teacher’, the story itself was already in my mind. The characters, places, and events were meticulously developed. Of course, the main goal was to tell an interesting story that flowed, and would keep the reader not wanting to put the book down. Also, I wanted the reader to be reminded, while reading my book, of a person, place, or event from their past.

Recently I’ve had conversations, whether on the phone, or messaging with people who have read my book. There were a couple who had memories stirred by the character ‘Old Charlie’. One was reminded of an uncle who was jovial and funny. The other was reminded of an old widower who always had time for the neighbourhood children. There was another reader that had memories of a night club from college days that had been renovated from an old barn.

These conversations make me happy since they prove I’ve accomplished a goal. I certainly look forward to conversing with other readers of my book.

My conversations were made by phone or by other social media. We must all continue to practice social distancing and help in defeating this horrific disease. I do so look forward to being able to have conversation face to face.

Everyone, stay safe and well!