Main Character: Teaching

The main character in ‘A Year Of The Teacher’, Tony Stephens, has just graduated from college with a degree in education. He initially doesn’t acquire a teaching job and ends up spending the summer, after graduating, at his parent’s home while working in a factory.

Fortunately for Tony he is hired as an elementary teacher at Flag Station, a small rural school. The principal at the school is a kind, helpful man who truly likes Tony and offers guidance and advice.

Before school even starts in the fall, Tony sees some of the difficulties he’ll have to deal with, not only the struggles of his students which are documented, but also the lack of funding. He immediately starts thinking of ways to supplement his program.

Mostly, Tony has the gift of being able to get the very best out of his students while building and maintaining their trust. They like him and because of all the positivity, gain in self-confidence as they see successes and achievements they didn’t think could be accomplished.

In upcoming blogs, Tony’s coaching will be addressed as well as his teaching ingenuity.

Have a fantastic day, everyone!