Main Character

In my past blogs, I’ve spoken about other characters in my book, ‘A Year Of The Teacher’, but not that much in depth about the main character, Tony Stephens.

Tony is virtuous, yet fallible. He is always caring and considerate yet can be, at times, controlled by his emotions. He does learn from his mistakes, mostly by self-evaluation. Advice from others helps too, especially from Old Charlie, Jake Nielson, and his best friend, Leon.

During the first half of the book, he has liaisons with a few women. He doesn’t completely understand why these occurred. Other than the tertiary pleasure, he determines that these “affairs” can only end up hurting him. He certainly doesn’t consider himself a Casanova, yet was allowing himself to get into situations from which he can’t, or chose not to flee. Tony shows maturity when he sees this type of behaviour a frailty, and makes the decision to avoid those types of situations.

As his story continues, he has other things he has to deal with, and learn from. I will address these things in forthcoming blogs.

Have a great day!