Stay Safe and Well

Obviously there has been a lot that has happened during the past few weeks. Therefore, my blog today will focus minimally on my novel.

In previous blogs I’ve introduced some secondary characters from my fictional novel, “A Year Of The Teacher”. Charlie Blaney, or Old Charlie, is the lovable landlord of the main character, Tony Stephens, when Tony acquires his teaching job at Flag Station.

Billy Davis is the musical associate and friend who reconnects with Tony, and forms the band with great potential.

I will revisit these characters, and introduce others in future blogs.

At this time, it is important to emphasize the importance of being cautious and diligent during this worldwide pandemic. Covid-19 doesn’t differentiate between nationalities, races, religions, or anything. We, as a world community, are all in this together. Even though it sounds contradictory, as we self-distance, we must all come together. This horrible disease will pass. We will get through this. Hopefully we will learn from this and work together in the future to keep these devastating diseases from happening again. We can have our differences, but still be good neighbors and friends.

Everyone, stay safe!

Much Love!