Tony’s Initial Experiences as a Teacher

The first teaching position for Tony Stephens the main character in my book, ‘A Year Of The Teacher’, is at a small school in a rural setting. He is informed that the only thing that was done in the elementary section of the school was to clean it. Everything in his room from a computer (none for the students) to audio-visual equipment to books is outdated.

The lockers for the students are located inside the classroom. The student desks are fairly new, each with its own table and chair. Tony’s desk is an old oaken affair. There is also a room-width bulletin board. Tony’s class is self-contained. He’ll teach all subjects to the same students during the school day.

A major problem is the age and condition of the Reading textbooks. There are missing and torn pages, and the contents are boring. It is up to Tony to supplement his reading program on his own.

One of the avenues Tony pursues is to enlist the help of the librarian from his college, a friend of his. She finds materials, including magazines of the appropriate level, that the college was going to dispose of, and she would obtain permission to let Tony have, as well as unused audio-visual equipment and videos. If possible, she’d also find out if old computers the college wasn’t using could be given to Tony. Even though they were old, they would be more than useful for him since his classroom had none at all.

A more pressing problem for Tony would be that, after seeing his student’s records, only two of them were reading on grade level. In general, the reading skills and comprehension of his class were weak.

In coming blogs, I’ll explain Tony’s approach to these, and other problems.

Have an awesome weak, everyone!