Tony’s Music Involvement

The main character in my fictional novel, “A Year of the Teacher”, Tony Stephens established a successful approach to his classroom teaching. He also becomes the head coach for the high school basketball team at Flag Station, where he teaches. While at college, Tony plays in a rock band with a musician friend.

After acquiring his teaching job, Tony reconnects with his friend, and is invited to join a new band that is being formed. Initially, Tony doubts he’ll be able to become a member of the band, but when he finds out how the games for his basketball team are scheduled, he sees there is very little, if any, conflicting scheduling. He agrees to join the band as the lead singer and also plays guitar.

The first rehearsal he has with the band causes Tony to feel a little overwhelmed. He had never met any of the other members of the band, besides his friend, but it didn’t take him long to realize the tremendous talent they possessed and, because of that, the potential of the band. There is also a manager for the band who also had invested in a sound system. He would make bookings for the band too, once it was ready to play out.

Eventually, Tony becomes more relaxed and knows he’ll fit in with the band. Between teaching, coaching, and now playing music, Tony has a full schedule. This is something he accepts and enjoys.

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